The Sprummlbot is an easy to setup and powerful TeamSpeak 3 Query bot. It has an web interface with an easy but nice structure. The bot is programmed in Java and is platform independent. If you have a Linux VPS or vServer you are only some little steps away from your own TeamSpeak 3 Bot.


AFK Mover

The bot will move clients, which are inactive for x minutes in an afk channel. The bot is also able to whitelist clients or channels, which won't be marked as afk.

Channel Notifier

The channel notifier of the Sprummlbot notifies clients, defined in config, when someone joins a specific channel.

VPN Blocker

The bot can block almost all VPNs. If a client joins the server the bot will check that client with several methods and kick him if he was detected. If enabled the bot will also save all ip addresses collected.

Web Interface

The web interface of the bot is able to do basic stuff like private and public messaging, poking, kicking and banning. It is login based so you can generate login credentials via console or with a command and login with them.

desktop_windows Live demo

Dynamic Banner

The dynamic banner is a simple function that allows you to have a TS3 Banner, which has latest information about time, date and online users.


The Sprummlbot runs almost on all platforms. If Java is available for the platform it will run. We already tested several platforms.

Platform Working
CentOS check
Debian check
Ubuntu check
Windows check

You can contribute to the Sprummlbot in multiple ways. Developers can make code submissions to the Sprummlbot's source code. Non developers can report bugs in the forum or via GitHub's issue system.



Here you can download the bot. It is completely free.

file_download Download 0.5.1 content_copy Copy wget
settings Setup
11039 downloads as of April 2019.
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